Anti-static Foam Inserts for Shipping & Packaging

Plastifoam fabricates antistatic polyurethane and polyethylene foam box inserts for a variety of shipping and packaging applications. Antistatic foam is a lightweight and non-abrasive way to protect delicate electronic products from static discharge during shipping and handling. Common applications include packaging of sensitive circuit boards, resistors, computer chips and other electronics.

Antistatic Polyurethane Foam is lightweight, absorbs shock and recovers its shape quickly.

  • Ideal as electronic component packaging - anti-static PE foam trays for circuit board shippers and protecting sensitive resistors, computer chips and other electronics
  • Open cell foam, available in pink and mil-spec charcoal gray
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Easily cut into pads, shapes, sheets, liners
  • Available as custom convoluted sets, cut to your specifications
  • EzeeTearTM, Tear-To-Fit and Ezee Plain convoluted foam sets are ready to ship
  • Shop our selection of Antistatic EzeeShip’rs or Pinch-N-Tear Grid Packs

Antistatic Polyethylene Foam is durable, lightweight, and resilient, the perfect material for protecting products that are high in value and relatively fragile.

  • Ideal for surface protection and cushioning
  • Closed cell foam, available in one color only – pink
  • Resistant to tears and punctures
  • Gives resilient support to heavy and fragile items
  • Excellent vibration dampening
  • Easily cut into foam trays, planks, pads. blocks or shapes.

ESD Foam Protective Shippers are available in production quantities. Please call for a quote.
Provide Faraday protection using our Antistatic foam and an ESD shipper box
Ideal for storing and shipping sensitive circuit boards.
Shippers can come assembled with foam or as separate components

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Plastifoam can recommend the best antistatic foam based upon:

- The fragility of your product
- Handling and transportation conditions
- Cushioning requirement calculations
- Vibration assessments
- Product design considerations

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