Insulated Shipping Boxes & Foam Liners

Plastifoam makes custom EPS foam insulated shipping boxes, foam box liners and custom foam coolers to protect food, frozen goods, perishables, pharmaceuticals, biotech and medical supplies.

Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) foam is clean, resists the growth of bacteria, and easy to handle.

  • Extremely cost-effective and lightweight excellent thermal insulation
  • Compare to Styrofoam™ brand foam box liners, boxes, and coolers.
  • Structurally strong with compressive strength and moisture resistance
  • Computer-guided fabricating eliminates the need for expensive dies
  • Great for shipping boxes for frozen food

We offer both in-stock and custom insulated shipping boxes and EPS foam liners, fabricated to fit any requirement:

  • Your choice of foam density
  • Custom foam coolers and cold shipping boxes
  • Insulated box liners for shipping food, medical supplies, perishables and more.
  • Fit any product with custom shapes
  • Insulated liners for corrugated boxes. Order just the liners, or boxes, too
  • Gel packs available, too!

Order Insulated Box Liners Online

Request an estimate or discuss your protection requirements with us today. All products are sold by the case or pallet.

For assistance, call Tammy at (800) 752-7836 ext. 352 or email using the form.

Styrofoam™ brand foam is a registered trademark of the Dow Chemical Company.

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Ask about Custom & Stock Insulated Boxes for Shipping Frozen Food and Perishables

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