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Flat Rate Box Inserts

Foam Inserts for USPS Flat Rate Boxes

Control shipping costs with multi-purpose soft foam inserts designed to fit large USPS Flat Rate boxes, which are available at no charge from your local Post Office.

  • Combine your "If it fits, it ships" USPS Large Flat Rate Box with a Plastifoam foam lining to help guarantee damage-free arrival. Ships at a fixed cost, regardless of weight or USA delivery address.
  • Foam inserts protect fruit, apples, jams, honey, cheese, maple syrup, etc. while in transit.
  • Two layers of attractive white, yellow, green or purple foam inserts with removable cutouts hold up to
    18 apples or may be used with up to 6 conversion for other products.
  • Standard lead times for shipping are 3-5 working days.
  • Custom inserts can be made to order in minimum quantities to fit any USPS Flat Rate box size.

To order, please download Gift Pack Order Form,
call us at 800-752-7836, or email orders@plastifoam.com.


Flat Rate Box Inserts Pricing

Description25 Sets50 Sets100 Sets250 Sets500 Sets
Large Flat Rate Box white foam $8.28 ea. $7.54 ea. $6.98 ea. $6.45 ea. $5.98 ea.
Large Flat Rate Box yellow foam $8.87 ea. $8.07 ea. $7.47 ea. $6.91 ea. $6.40 ea.
Large Flat Rate Box green foam $9.69 ea. $8.81 ea. $8.16 ea. $7.56 ea. $7.00 ea.
Large Flat Rate Box purple foam $9.69 ea. $8.81 ea. $8.16 ea. $7.56 ea. $7.00 ea.

+ Freight on all orders

Minimum quantity 25 sets: available as complete sets only

Inside box dimension: 12" x 12" x 5 1⁄2". Hole size is 2 3⁄4". (9 holes and 3 conversions per foam layer)